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Christian Doppler Laboratory for Personalized Immunotherapy

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The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Personalized Immunotherapy aims to provide a comprehensive 360° biomarker including various tissue-based, blood-based and radiology-based information of a particular patient for prediction of response to immune checkpoint-inhibition.

Our Vision: Individual Immunotherapy for each Individual

Immunotherapy of cancer represents a major breakthrough in oncology as long-term disease control can be achieved in some patients even in advanced disease stages.  Immune checkpoint inhibitors activate the patient’s own immune system in order to enhance the anti-tumor immune reaction.  However, only a fraction of patients responds to the currently available immunotherapies, while a clinically relevant fraction presents with primary resistance. Biomarkers reliably predicting which patients respond to immune checkpoint inhibitors are therefore urgently needed.

Tumor DNA methylation profiles correlate with response to anti-PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor monotherapy in sarcoma patients

LAG-3 expression in the inflammatory microenvironment of glioma

Circulating PD-L1 levels change during bevacizumab-based treatment in recurrent glioma

We are constantly looking to strengthen our team.

Therefore, applications are highly welcome.
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The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Personalized Immunotherapy is supported by the funding program of the Christian Doppler Association in collaboration with Roche Austria.