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Teresa Gisinger Teresa Gisinger

Department of Medicine III (Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism)
Position: PHD Student


-gender differences; Diabetes, Gestational

Research interests

The overarching aims are to integrate sex and gender dimensions in applied health research, to evaluate their impact on clinical cost-sensitive outcomes and patients reported outcomes related to quality of life in metabolic diseases. We also aim to construct innovative ways to disseminate the application of gender measurement towards personalized approaches to chronic disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

With a five-country transatlantic network comprised of 30 investigators, we will benchmark innovative solutions to measure gender in retrospective cohorts. Based on consensus, we will develop a framework to identify gender-related factors, as well as cost-sensitive and patients reported outcomes and measure their associations in cohorts of patients affected by metabolic syndrome. Large database analysis and when appropriate machine learning approaches will allow the derivation of pan and within country disease specific gender scores which will be validated through e-Health and m-Health applications in prospective disease groups. Educational modules will be developed to promote awareness, implementation and dissemination.