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Official signature

The official signature is a legally valid electronic signature that is attached to digital documents. It guarantees that the original document was issued by the relevant Austrian authority.

Officially signed documents of the Medical University of Vienna can be recognized by the following features:

  • Reference that the document has been officially signed
  • The signature block at the end of the document contains the seal published further down as figurative mark
  • The signatory is "Medical University of Vienna | Medical University Vienna"
  • Unique serial number

Verification of officially signed documents
Verification within the meaning of Section 20 E-GovG is to be understood as confirmation that the present document originates from the authority specified there.

Persons who receive such documents electronically can check the origin and authenticity of the official signature contained therein by uploading the file at

Officially signed documents can be transmitted to authorities in electronic form, but printouts also have the probative value of an official document according to Section 20 E-GovG.

If you only have a printed copy of the document, you cannot check the validity of the signature. If you would like to verify an officially signed document in paper form, please send the printout to the office specified in the document.

Publication of the figurative mark in accordance with Section 19 (3) E-GovG.
The Medical University of Vienna uses the following figurative mark for official signed documents: