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Christoph Gross
Christoph Gross

Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

ORCID: 0000-0003-1583-5783


Biomedical Engineering; Cardiovascular

Research group(s)

Selected publications

  1. Gross, C. et al., 2020. Continuous LVAD monitoring reveals high suction rates in clinically stable outpatients. Artificial Organs. Available at:
  2. Gross, C. et al., 2018. LVAD Pump Flow Does Not Adequately Increase With Exercise. Artificial Organs, 43(3), pp.222,
  3. Gross, C. et al., 2019. LVAD speed increase during exercise, which patients would benefit the most? A simulation study. Artificial Organs. Available at:
  4. Grabska, J. et al., 2019. Early Detection of Pump Thrombosis in Patients With Left Ventricular Assist Device. ASAIO Journal, p.1. Available at:
  5. Granegger, M. et al., 2019. Noninvasive assessment of blood pressure in rotary blood pump recipients using a novel ultrasonic Doppler method. The International Journal of Artificial Organs, 42(5), pp.226,