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Programme Structure Overview


MPM1 Chromosome, Gene and Defective DNA Repair Disorders

MPM2 Diseases of Proteostasis

MPM3 Diseases of Enzymatic Insufficiency

MPM4 Diseases of Pathological Signal Transduction

MPM5 Diseases of the Immune System

MPM6 Biomedical Informatics and Genomic Medicine

MPM7 From Bench to Bedside

MPM8 Free Elective Course

MPM9 Ethics, Policy, Legislation and Health Economics

Curriculum Director

Thomas Leonard

Curriculum Director

Thomas Leonard is Professor of Molecular Biology and Deputy Head of the Center for Medical Biochemistry at the Max Perutz Labs (Medical University of Vienna). His research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction in cells, with a particular emphasis on the role of phospholipids as signaling molecules, and protein kinases and phosphatases as signal transducers. A major focus of his research interests is the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) pathway, which is dysregulated in many human cancers.


Ruth Herbst

Deputy Curriculum Director

Ruth Herbst is an Associate Professor at the Medical University of Vienna. Ruth’s research focuses on understanding intracellular signal transduction mechanisms, with a particular emphasis on the inter- and intra-cellular signaling pathways that guide the formation and function of the neuromuscular synapse.