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Nikolaus Klupp takes over professorship of forensic medicine at MedUni Vienna

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(Vienna, 02 April 2024) Nikolaus Klupp took up the Chair of Forensic Medicine ((§99(1)) at MedUni Vienna at the beginning of April.

In addition to forensic autopsies, his day-to-day work also focuses on examinations of people affected by violence on behalf of courts and public prosecutors' offices.  

"As part of my professorship, the establishment of a low-threshold and free examination center for victims of violence from Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland at the Center for Forensic Medicine aims to make a contribution to the protection against violence," explains Nikolaus Klupp, "one goal is the integration of the Forensic DNA Center Laboratory into the Center for Forensic Medicine, as forensic molecular biology is an essential pillar of the special field of forensic medicine and, in my view, has a central synergy potential. In addition, we are the only forensic medicine institute in Austria to have the specialist areas of forensic anthropology and - more recently - forensic entomology, the expansion of which for research activities, among other things, is a further concern of mine."

During his studies, Klupp was already involved in a working group on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and specialized in the field of forensic paediatrics during his training and published on this topic.

About the person
Nikolaus Klupp studied human medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Graz (now Med Uni Graz). He is a specialist in forensic medicine and a generally sworn and court-certified expert witness as well as a board member of the Austrian Society for Forensic Medicine. Nikolaus Klupp has been Deputy Head since 2020 and Head of the Center for Forensic Medicine at MedUni Vienna since 1 January 2024.


Nikolaus Klupp - Professorship of Forensic Medicine