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Day of the Medical University of Vienna

Varied online programme for interested public on 11 March
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(Vienna, 02 March 2022) As the medical faculty of the University of Vienna, MedUni Vienna was a founding member of the Alma Mater Rudolphina, established on 12 March 1365. Every year, therefore, the university, which has been independent since 2004, celebrates the Day of the Medical University around the founding date of the University of Vienna. This year, the various events to mark the occasion will take place on Friday 11 March. Under the banner "The facts at a glance", experts will discuss the latest aspects of and developments in the Coronavirus pandemic - and beyond. This year, interested members of the public are once again invited to participate in the scientific talks and panel discussions virtually. A detailed programme and registration form can be found on the website:

One of the highlights of the "Day of the Medical University of Vienna" 2022 will be the university lecture given by the internationally sought-after vaccination expert Florian Krammer, which starts at 15:30 hrs. In his lecture, the professor from the Department of Microbiology and Department of Vaccinology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, will talk about the COVID vaccine and how it has impacted the course of the pandemic. Following on from this, MedUni Vienna Rector Markus Müller and Florian Krammer will discuss the latest developments in this area. The lecture and discussion will be livestreamed and there will be an opportunity to question the experts live, via the Chat facility for the event.

Hour of remembrance at the "Memorial of Remembrance"
The annual fixed point of the Day of the Medical University of Vienna, the hour of remembrance, will take place from 12:00 noon at the "Memorial of Remembrance" in the square in front of the Rectorate building. This year's speakers include Rector Markus Müller, Israel's Ambassador Mordechai Rodgold and the President of the Jewish Community, Oskar Deutsch. Herwig Czech, Professor of the History of Medicine at MedUni Vienna, will also give an overview of the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial, in which Nazi medical crimes were tried 75 years ago. The memorial service will be organised by Chief Cantor Shmuel Barzilai.

In the Career Talk at 14:00, MedUni Vienna Vice Rector Michaela Fritz will discuss the wide range of career opportunities at MedUni Vienna with Dea Slade and Claudia Kuntner. The two MedUni Vienna assistant professors will also talk about the tenure-track model, a qualification agreement for young scientists designed to create individual career opportunities.

"Life journeys": Ingrid Pabinger-Fasching and Anton Laggner
Like the other items on the programme, "Life journeys" will also be livestreamed, starting at 17:30 hrs. This year, the MedUni Vienna Alumni Club series will feature Ingrid Pabinger-Fasching and Anton Laggner, who will talk to Vice Rector Anita Rieder and Vice Rector Michaela Fritz and give an insight into their careers and experiences. Ingrid Pabinger-Fasching, Professor Emeritus of Haemostaseology at MedUni Vienna, received international recognition as an expert on blood coagulation and its disorders. As the first professor in this field in the German-speaking world, Anton Laggner established MedUni Vienna's Department of Emergency Medicine and, even after his retirement, is still actively involved in training doctors.

Other scheduled items for the Day of the Medical University of Vienna will include the presentation of MedUni Vienna's concepts for three Centers of Excellence (in the fields of Precision Medicine, Neuronal Circuits and Prevention of Allergy) and announcement of the winners of the Veronika Fialka Moser Diversity Awards and the Inventors of the Year. Peter Klimek will be honoured as "Scientist of the Year". On this day, MedUni Vienna students will have the opportunity to follow a heart operation via livestream from the operating theatre. The individual steps of the operation will be commentated and explained by experts. In addition, it will be possible to put questions directly to the surgical team during the procedure.

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Day of the Medical University of Vienna, 11 March 2022:
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