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Alexandra Franziska Gülich awarded L'Oréal Austria Fellowship "For Women in Science"

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(Vienna, 04 December 2020) Alexandra Franziska Gülich, immunologist at MedUni Vienna's Institute of Immunology has been awarded a "For Women in Science" Fellowship by L'Oréal Austria. The bursary is intended to support female scientists in the early stages of their careers.

The fellowships, which will be awarded for the 14th time this year, are a joint initiative between L'Oréal Austria and the Austrian UNESCO Commission and the Austrian Academy of sciences, with financial support from the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research. Its purpose is to support outstanding female scientists from different scientific fields in the early stages of their careers, in recognition of outstanding and promising research. Since the scheme was set up, it has helped 54 women.

Alexandra Gülich, PhD student in Shinya Sakaguchi's group at the Institute of Immunology of the Medical University of Vienna, is investigating the influence of genetic regulation mechanisms on the development of immune response, such as defence against cancer cells or pathogens, for example.

Gülich is receiving the award along with Sandra Müller (University of Vienna), Veronika Pedrini-Martha (University of Innsbruck) and Anna Maria Wernbacher (University of Vienna).