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Running for cancer research – on 9 October from 10am to 2pm

The motto of the 15th MedUni Vienna Cancer Research Walk is "The running track is everywhere"
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Bild: MedUni Wien/Kovic

(Vienna, 04-10-2021) As last year, the motto of the 15th MedUni Vienna Cancer Research Walk on Saturday, 9 October 2021 is "The running track is everywhere". There will be no central running track as during the years prior to the Corona pandemic. But despite "Distant Running", people run or walk together for a good cause - wherever and however they want. The participants, partners and sponsors thus support promising research projects to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The joint charity event will take place on 9 October between 10 am and 2 pm.

The common sound track will be provided by Radio 88.6. On 9 October between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the station will play the best motivational songs for running, compiled by the participants of the 2021 Cancer Research Run, under the title "Best of Running Songs". A favourite running song can be requested via the station's website or the 88.6 Facebook site.

During the run, the running community meets in the social media channels of the Cancer Research Run ( and MedUni Vienna ( Photos and videos can be posted and shared under the hashtags #krebsforschungslauf and #wirlaufenweiter, regardless where they were taken. This emphasises the motto "We are running together for cancer research!"

Joining is quite easy
You register on the website and, following a donation to cancer research, you receive a starting number in the mail. Company teams receive a special package to show their commitment to cancer research.

Then, all you really have to do is start running on Saturday, 9 October! In addition, free food is also available in fifteen selected ANKER branches in Vienna, Mödling, St. Pölten, Schwechat and Salzburg. Together with the start number, each participant will receive a voucher that can be used to pick up a food package on 9 October.

An official functional running shirt, this time in a vibrant burgundy, is available for EUR 20 at the MedUni Shop at Vienna General Hospital and can also be ordered at

This year, the Cancer Research Run is again actively and generously supported by corporate teams and sponsors: With a total of 21 sponsors and over 40 corporate running teams, the run is entering its 15th anniversary.

100 % for research
100 % of the money raised by the Cancer Research Run goes towards research projects run by MedUni Vienna's Cancer Research Initiative. Until today, more than 50 cancer research projects have been supported with 1.5 million Euros from the Cancer Research Runs. Currently, ten scientific projects are being supported. In Austria, cancer is responsible for approximately 25% of all deaths each year. Every year, approximately 40,000 cases are newly diagnosed.

The most common cancers in women are breast (29 %), lung and bowel (10 % each). In men, they are prostate cancer (23 %), followed by lung (14 %) and bowel (12 %). The relative 5-year survival has increased significantly during the past decades and is now at approximately 60%. Even though the number of new patients is rising, the cancer mortality rate is declining - this is the consequence of the intense research. The results of the basic research improve diagnosis and therapy procedures and allow new treatment concepts.