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MedUni Vienna honors teachers for excellent teaching and innovative development

Honorary award for innovative curricular development to Harald Kittler and honorary award for excellent teaching to Heimo Lagler, Lorenz Schubert and Manuel Kussmann
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(Wien, 14-03-2022) MedUni Vienna has awarded honorary prizes for innovative curricular development and for excellent teaching to teachers at the university. The awards went to Harald Kittler for an example of successful online teaching in an interactive setting and Heimo Lagler, Lorenz Schubert and Manuel Kussmann for an interactive seminar in the field of antimicrobial therapy. The awards were presented to the teachers during the Day of MedUni Vienna.

From left: Curriculum Director Anahit Anvari-Pirsch, Head of Department Wolfgang Weninger on behalf of Harald Kittler, Till Buschhorn and Nicole Brunner (both ÖH)

MedUni Vienna awards the "Honorary Prize for Innovative Curricular Development" to individuals who have made a special contribution to teaching by introducing new methods. This year's prize winner is Harald Kittler, who together with his team created an interactive setting in online teaching. Due to the pandemic, the teaching of "Block 26" took place online. Within six weeks, 60 hours of lecture material were recorded, edited and produced in a self-built film studio. In order to involve students in the course, Harald Kittler and his team used various didactic methods. During the course, for example, students were able to chat with the lecturer present in the film studio. In addition, the students were actively involved in the lectures through surveys and quizzes. Weekly "test-yourself" events with an exam-immanent character made it possible to check the efficiency of the knowledge transfer. The experience gained will also be used to further improve "Block 26" after the pandemic-related restrictions and to design new settings (hybrid, simulative or semilive events). Harald Kittler showed great commitment to ensure the best possible learning success for the students of MedUni Vienna.

From left: Curriculum Director Anahit Anvari-Pirsch, Heimo Lagler, Manuel Kussmann, Lorenz Schubert, Nicole Brunner and Till Buschhorn (both ÖH)

Honorary award for excellent teaching
Heimo Lagler, Lorenz Schubert and Manuel Kussmann from the Department of Internal Medicine I at MedUni Vienna were awarded the honorary prize for excellent teaching. The teachers of the elective "Antimicrobial Chemotherapy" use the interactive seminar to train student:in the field of clinical practice, especially clinical infectiology. Since each student already has a basic knowledge of antimicrobial therapy before starting the proven elective, the goal of the seminar is to provide in-depth training for the responsible use of antimicrobial therapy in clinical practice with the help of clinical case studies and a revision course. Due to the pandemic, face-to-face teaching in the lecture hall has been completely switched to distance learning, which is why there has been a changeover to online. Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, all dates, learning content and knowledge checks for each seminar unit have been offered via a Moodle course. New learning materials have also been prepared on an ongoing basis. According to Heimo Lagler, in times when there are no Corona restrictions, the clinical cases will again be worked through directly on the patient:inside and the theoretical part will take place as usual in the lecture hall. However, it is planned to broadcast and record the seminars live. The patient will not be filmed for reasons of data protection. The offer of the Moodle platform will be extended continuously.

About the persons
Harald Kittler studied medicine in Vienna and then worked as a trainee physician in the Department of Surgery and Internal Medicine at Allentsteig Hospital. In the same year, he moved to the University Department of Dermatology at MedUni Vienna in 1994, where he still works today. Kittler is senior physician and research team leader "In vivo skin imaging". In his scientific career, he has published 221 papers in peer-reviewed journals; he is also the author of four books on dermatology. From 2008 to 2012, Kittler was "editor in chief" of the journal "Dermatology: Practical and Conceptual."
After completing his medical studies in Vienna, Heimo Lagler specialized by working as a resident at the Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine at MedUni Vienna. Lagler completed his diploma in tropical medicine at the Bernhard Nocht Institute in Hamburg. After a teaching period in Tübingen, he completed a Master of Public Health at MedUni Vienna. He has been head of the interdisciplinary special outpatient clinic for echinococcosis at Vienna General Hospital since 2019, and head of a research group focusing on "Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases" since 2022.

Lorenz Schubert is a PhD student at the Center for Public Health and a physician and research associate at the Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine at MedUni Vienna. Previously, he was a physician at the Department of Urology. Schubert has already completed teaching assignments in Peru, Mistelbach, Zurich, Madrid, La Paz, Schwarzach and Berlin. Since 2019, he has been teaching several seminars and courses at MedUni Vienna.

Manuel Kussmann is completing his residency in "Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine" at the University Department of Internal Medicine I, II and III at MedUni Vienna, previously he was a research assistant. He completed the clinical internship year at the University Departments of Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Urology and Internal Medicine I (Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine).