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vfwf postdoctoral and dissertation prizes awarded

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(Vienna, 24 January 2017) At its university lecture on 19 January 2017, the vfwf (Society for promoting science and research in the new Viennese departments at the City of Vienna's General Hospital) presented its prizes for the best dissertations and postdoctoral theses produced at MedUni Vienna during 2016.

Students were able to enter degree theses completed at MedUni Vienna during 2016 for the prizes. In the light of the large number of high-quality submissions, the vfwf decided to award prizes to four prize winners in each category. The prizes were presented at the vfwf's university lecture in MedUni Vienna's lecture center in Vienna General Hospital.

v.l.n.r.: Eduard Auff, Klaus Markstaller, Thomas Haider, Fabian Dorninger, Eva Györy, Elisabeth Schuh, Michael Gnant

Dissertation prizes

• Fabian Dorninger (Center for Brain Research): "The role of ether phospholipids in physiology and pathophysiology in mice and men" (Supervisor: Johannes Berger)
• Thomas Haider (Department of Trauma-Surgery): "Therapeutic Capacity of Apoptotic Mononuclear Cell Secretome in Experimental Spinal Cord Injury" (Supervisor: Hendrik Jan Ankersmit)
• Eva Györi (formerly Placheta) (Department of Surgery): "Enhancing cross facial nerve grafts with regional sensory nerves" (Supervisor: Johannes Hainfellner)
• Elisabeth Schuh (Center for Brain Research, currently Med. Uni. Munich): "CD20 and B cell maturation antigen beyond the B cell compartment" (Supervisor: Monika Bradl)