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Ethics, Collections and History of Medicine

Head: Dr. Christiane Druml

Ethics, Collections and History of Medicine
Währinger Straße 25
1090 Vienna, Austria

P: +43 (0)1 40160-26001

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The Josephinum is home to a wide array of collections of various kinds, ages and origins, which together represent the cultural heritage of the Medical University of Vienna, or the earlier Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna. The collections in the historic "Josephinum" in Währingerstraße can also be visited.

The collections have evolved to reflect the institution’s almost 650-year history and their depth and variety makes them a treasure unique in the world. The collections include comprehensive libraries, archives, images, estates, educational materials, models and instruments, which have grown out of the faculty’s various scientific, educational, research and healthcare activities, and thus reflect all the many aspects of its development.

At the heart of the Josephinum’s collections are the original stocks, acquired by Joseph II when the institution was founded, especially the world-famous wax anatomical models and the so-called Josephina Library. Over the last two centuries, the various other collections have been built up step by step, and what was once a surgical academy has been transformed into a museum and a centre for research and teaching on the history of medicine.  

UNESCO Chair on Bioethics

With the chair on bioethics, the Medical University Vienna and UNESCO have jointly established the first of such academic institutions at an Austrian university today. According to the objectives of UNESCO (Organisation of the United Nations for education, science and culture), the chair, under the guidance of Christiane Druml, Manager of the medical collections of MedUni Vienna at the Josephinum and chairperson of the bioethics commission at the Federal Chancellery, shall cooperate closely with other universities as well as extra-university Austrian and European establishments in the field of bioethics during the next four years.

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Harmony - Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) MedUni Vienna was the lead partner in an international Big Data project for promoting the clinical investigation of haematological malignancies. The EU "HARMONY" project involved 51 partner institutions from 11 countries. MedUni Vienna – the domicile of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics at the Josephinum – was developing ethical and legal guidelines for the handling of sensitive patient information. More Information
LBI for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases The research focus of LBI RUD will be the decoding of rare haematopoietic, immune system and nervous system disorders – this work will not only form the basis for developing personalized therapeutic approaches for those directly affected but will also provide new, unique insights into human biology. By harnessing the expertise of its partner organizations, LBI RUD aims to establish a coordinated research program that includes and considers not only scientific aspects but also social, ethical and economic aspects. More Information