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Tasks of the Evaluation and Quality Management


Planning and design of evaluations and preparation of evaluation results as the basis for decision-making for the university management.

Research documentation

Med-Fodok is the research documentation of the Vienna Medical University and includes research services of the employees. They include: publications, submissions, guests/incomings, functions in scientific/university bodies, functions in scientific journals and awards. Data for different purposes must be compiled on a continuing basis and be checked and released by FODOK authorities. The data are not used only for preparing the knowledge scoreboard but also for notifying the service-oriented research (LOM). 

Quality Management

Developing the principles for future quality management at the Vienna Medical University. 

Process Management

Build and continuing further development of process management at the MedUni Vienna.   

Data Collection

Coordination in creating data basis for service agreement and knowledge scoreboard, etc. 

Processing External Collections

Coordination of the collections from external locations used at the university (e.g., F+E collection, university ranking, etc.)