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Medical University of Vienna International

International Consulting

MUVI envisions itself as a leading international healthcare consulting group that consistently provides high-performance management, knowledge transfer, and academic solutions in emerging provider markets.

Medical University of Vienna International GmbH is a consulting group with the academic background of the Medical University of Vienna, that incorporates the medical expertise and the scientific know-how of the renowned Medical University of Vienna and its broad international network.

Its vision is “to be the leading healthcare provider, offering comprehensive medical care to the highest international standards through world-class facilities, innovative technology and excellent customer services”.

MUVI offers its customers and partners high performance services through multi-national teams consisting of medical doctors and top experts from all healthcare related areas under the maxim of highest quality and patient safety.

As a financially independent full subsidiary of the Medical University of Vienna, MUVI successfully established itself within a few years with the following scope of services:

  • Hospital Management
  • Medical / Functional Planning & Consulting
  • Medical education and training programs
  • Research and Science Projects

MUVI has continued to expand its presence in the international healthcare sector within the past years. Numerous hospital management projects were successfully completed in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Middle East / North Africa (MENA).

This means a high international recognition of the Medical University of Vienna as a partner in the international healthcare sector – especially standing in competition with world-renowned medical schools such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Cleveland.