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Clinical and pre-clinical studies

Service for Researcher

Applied patient-oriented clinical research is an indispensable pre-condition for improving the prevention, recognition and treatment of ailments, besides fundamental biomedical research.

The success of clinical studies essentially depends on professional study management: Clinical studies are after all subject to national and international criteria and follow ethical principles. MedUni Vienna advises and supports doctors and scientists as well as partners of industry in planning, conducting and evaluating clinical and pre-clinical research projects.

The Clinical Trials Coordination Centre

The Clinical Trials Coordination Centre (KKS) founded in April 2008 by the Medical University at Vienna is one of the first consultation centers for clinical research in Austria. The consultation offer of the KKS covers all areas of the management of clinical studies: The KKS plans clinical studies, carries them out and evaluates them. The procedure as per current internal standards (SOP) is thus the pre-condition. The following services are offered in parts or comprehensive support: 

  • Consultation and management 
  • Project management and monitoring 
  • Submission and notification to officials and Ethics Commissions (Regulatory Affairs) 
  • Developing the master policy for clinical studies
  • Preparing electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF)
  • Data management
  • Ongoing safety monitoring of trial subjects (pharmaco-vigilance)
  • Preparing logs, test plans and GCP-compliant conclusive reports (Medical Writing) 
  • Initial and continuing education: Good Scientific Practice, further education events
  • Cooperation with employers from industry
  • Free consultation for employees of the MedUni Vienna
  • Pediatric module OKIDS (studies on children) 

KKS guarantees that study data is consistently interpreted through close cooperation with doctors, data managers and statisticians, and an internal quality management system. The KKS offers the consultation, planning and support of some parts herewith, or even the complete assumption of a clinical study. Parts may relate to project management, performance of monitoring or preparing the case report form and other study documents, for example. The offer is agreed upon in a personal consultation on respective requirements. Costs are calculated accordingly, where there are affordable tariffs for academic research projects.

The department for bio-medical research

The department for bio-medical research facility of the Medical University at Vienna for carrying out bio-medical projects, from cell cultures to the large animal model. Pre-clinical research is the motor of scientific progress and the basis for tomorrow's medical therapy.

Bio-medical research belongs to the most exciting research areas of science, since it provides a direct connection between medicine on the one hand and so-called life sciences, e.g., biology, bio-chemistry, molecular biology and veterinary medicine, and technical sciences like physics, electronics, information technology and computer science.

Researchers are supported here at all levels in planning and conducting their projects, regardless of whether they are of MedUni Vienna or scientific or industrial partners. We are delighted by the exciting cooperation in our own “cardiovascular research” focus.  Industry partners are helped in implementing their ideas, from GLP-compliant testing up to prototype testing and all forms of examinations.  In addition to this, the department for bio-medical research is an internationally recognised initial and continuing education center with the corresponding accreditation and equipment.

The four divisions of the department

Primarily, central operation and laboratory areas are located here with latest equipment such as endoscopy and angiography. Moreover, the biomedical research division is certified for Good Scientific Practice.

Focusses: experimental surgery, S2 projects, cell structure, HET-Cam, SPG and conventional keeping of animals

This division is adjacent to the biomedical research division. The majority of stables can be found here.

Focuses: SPF keeping and breeding, S3 projects, hygienic refurbishments


The focus of the division is breeding of laboratory animals in the best of hygienic conditions. This forms the basis for examinations of expensive and international repute in cancer, cardiovascular and immunology/allergy research of the MedUni Vienna.

Focuses: SPF breeding, hygienic refurbishments, testing according to EuP and USP/CFR

Spaces and equipment for standardised rodent husbandry and the know-how of trained staff are provided here.

Focuses: SPF keeping, animal husbandry teachings, husbandry training