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„This clinical research course provides an excellent toolkit for conducting clinical research. The course was perfectly compatible with my daily work routine, and I enjoyed the variety of topics and the instructors with very different professional backgrounds. Overall, I am grateful for the new skills I have gained over the past two years that have ultimately allowed me to peruse a career in clinical research."

Dr. Anna-Maria Lipp (course 2020 - 2022) Parexel International

"I thoroughly enjoyed the supportive atmosphere and exchange of diverse perspectives among my international fellow students during the Master of Clinical Research program. During my time as a study coordinator at a university hospital, the knowledge I acquired greatly enhanced my abilities in initiating, organising, and conducting clinical trials, either sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or initiated by investigators. Furthermore, the program has provided me with valuable skills and insights that are essential to my current role in the medical affairs unit of a renowned global pharmaceutical company. I consider the Master of Clinical Research to be a true blessing for my professional career."

Dr Andreas Zech (course 2018-2020) Astra Zeneca, MSL