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"The Master of Clinical Research provided by the medical university of Vienna is an excellent opportunity if you want to take your research career to the next level.
I have learned a lot during the courses and workshops about the ethics of clinical research, and how to plan and conduct clinical research projects independently."

Dr Ouidade Aitisha Tabesh (course 2018-2020) Rheumatologist at Hotel De France Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon

"This program added great complentary value to my skils and knowledge from my medical training. I gained a deep understanding about clinical research which is of utmost importance in order to advance medicine. Students with different backgrounds brought diversity to the table and improved the study experiences and learning achievements."

Dr Judith Stangl-Kremser (course 2018 - 2020) Department of Urology, Medical University of Vienna

"The Master of Clinical Research provided by the Medical University of Vienna is very comprehensive, yet very flexible. It covers all the aspects of conducting clinical research from drafting a project until publication. It is also led by very competent, cooperative and friendly team, knowing very well how to organise the courses to make it suitable for the needs of international students with their different backgrounds and perspectives.

It enriched my knowledge and opened new work opportunities for me."

Doa al Mamori, MD (course 2016 - 2018) Trauma and Emergency Medicine Specialist, Scientific Associate for specific prophylaxis