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Gender Medicine

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Education4 Semester (90 ECTS)

Language of study German

Next startno start planned

Costs 9.500,-

ManagementUniv.-Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kautzky-Willer

Tagsgender-specific approach to health, bio-psycho-social model of health and illness, gender-sensitive attitudes, clinical skills

The curriculum is under revision

In response to the discovery that certain diseases and medical conditions primarily or exclusively affect women, or affect women in different ways to men, the need to increase the focus on gender specific approaches to health care has been recognised for over 10 years now.

This calls for greater efforts in science and research, as well as care appropriate to the specific needs of men and women, and for frameworks that support the maintenance, improvement and rehabilitation of women's and men's health. Insufficient understanding of the development of disease processes and how this differs in men and women can lead to inadequate or inappropriate prevention, diagnosis and treatment interventions.

As a result demand for gender medicine competence has grown – in basic research, specialised medical disciplines, public health and health care policy.This is the first comprehensive postgraduate course in gender specific medicine to be offered in Europe. It offers a comprehensive survey of biopsychosocial approaches to women’s and men’s health, as well as gender sensitive conduct and clinical skills.Practical insights are combined with the findings of cutting-edge science and research. The curriculum is based on international standards and guidelines and takes an evidence-based approach. It provides students with the know-how, abilities and professional conduct skills required to contribute to improvements in the health of women and men over the long term.

Course content covers the professional principles and knowledge required in the fields of health care, clinical practice, research, education and training and health care policy in order to more fully meet the individual, gender-specific health care needs of women and men and therefore make lasting improvements in quality.

Postgraduate Program Gender Medicine

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