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Clinical Training in the Dentistry Degree Programme

In the third study phase a clinical internship of 72 weeks takes place to provide clinical training.

During this internship, the students will work on patients under immediate supervision and guidance of dentists. They will work in an interdisciplinary way in clinical operation. In the course of these 72 weeks, the students will acquire knowledge and skills:

  • in the compilation of anamneses
  • in noting clinical findings and working on diagnostics
  • in the interdisciplinary processing and execution of therapy plans,
  • in the execution of practical radiology and hygiene as well as
  • in performing work relevant to the practice in a dental lab.

The internship of 72 weeks is to be completed during the entire calendar year and full-time. For reasons of space and staffing, the number of places for the semesters 9-12 is limited to 140.

Dentistry Programme Curriculum (PDF, 454KB)
Detailed curriculum of the Dentistry Programme in the currently valid form, in German. 01.07.2015