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Aim and Qualification Profile of the Master’s Programme in Medical Informatics

The aim of the programme in Medical Informatics at MedUni Vienna is to train competent medical information scientists with specific professional responsibilities.

The educational objective of the Master's Programme in Medical Informatics is a scientific preparation for work in the varied fields of biomedical research as well as the design and execution of information projects in medicine and health care. Depending on the chosen core subject combination, students will specialize in the fields of bioinformatics, neuroinformatics, clinical informatics, public health informatics or informatics for assistive technology.

In the field of medicine, IT methods are especially valuable, because tasks are highly complex and enormously important. Examples for this are the structuring of medical information, the evaluation of the information quality of data, the evaluation of digitalised and digital information, modelling and support of processes (patient management, information visualisation, artificial intelligence, image processing, therapy planning, telemedicine) and the implementation of health-related initiatives in the area of public health and health management. The active advancement of future developments in the area of eHealth plays a decisive part in this.

Qualification Profile of Graduates

In the course of their studies, the graduates of the Medical Informatics Programme acquire a core competence

  • in Informatics, with an emphasis on the methods of especial importance to bioscience, medicine and health care.
  • which enables them to design and develop systems and to integrate them into the research or work process, in close cooperation with bio- or neuro-scientists, with physicians or health care specialists.

The training is geared towards practical issues relevant to research, or those that are medical or clinical. An essential component is the imparting of communicative skills to deal with these issues together with scientists and physicians of other disciplines.

Apart from the broad preparation for the processing of problems relating to informatics in the medical field, graduates have extensive knowledge in an area of specialisation they have chosen for themselves (core subject combination). Through the imparting of the basic concepts in medical informatics, the graduates are primed for current and future tasks in the area of bio- and neuroscience, medicine and health care. This also provides the foundation for an efficient design of new methods in medical informatics.