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Specialisations in the Master’s Programme in Medical Informatics

Core Subject Combinations

Core subject combinations are combination of modules from the two main blocks “Application subjects” and “Interdisciplinary Informatics” that – together with a seminar and  a practical course – provide in-depth knowledge and skills about the respective thematic area:

  • Bioinformatics: Knowledge about molecular biology and the nature of “-omics” data, skills about creating and analyzing computer models of molecular processes, as well as extracting structure from large “-omics” data sets.
  • Neuroinformatics: Knowledge about the physiology of the nervous system with a focus on information processing, skills to create and analyze computer models of the brain, as well as to identify structure in large amounts of data in neuroscience and neurology.
  • Public Health Informatics: Knowledge about public health systems and their management, skills to create and analyze computer models of health management processes and their impact, as well as to quantify and predict outcomes from preventative or therapeutic measures.
  • Informatics for Assistive Technology: Knowledge about the planning and execution of clinical trials, in particular in the medical device domain, skills to develop computer systems to control medical devices or apps that serve as a medical device.
  • Clinical Informatics: Knwledge about diagnostic and therapeutic processes in medicine, skills to apply methods from information management and retrieval to clinical data in order to support medical personnel, as well as skills to analyze data from clinical practice.