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Clinical Training in the Medicine Degree Programme

The Clinical Training is meant to deepen all the knowledge, skills and the professional demeanour as well as to enable post-graduate studies.

The Clinical Training consists of 12 weeks of mandatory clerkship as well as of the Clinical Internship (KPJ). During the KPJ, the students of the Medicine degree programme in their 6th year (11th semester) work as learning team members in the departments of the Medical University of Vienna and the accredited teaching hospitals. Mentors guide them in their intensive clinical training.

Mandatory Clerkships at MedUni Vienna

In the course of the Medicine degree programme 12 weeks of mandatory clerkship need to be fulfilled. Mandatory clerkships are internships that future physicians have to fulfil in the framework of their clinical training. At least four weeks of the mandatory clerkship have to be fulfilled in an Internal Medicine department before entering the third study phase - preferably in Austria. An additional four weeks have to be fulfilled in a training practice for general medicine or a primary care facility. This internship should also preferably be done in Austria. For the remaining 4 weeks the students can freely choose one field (4 weeks) or two fields (2 weeks each). It is urgently recommended to complete these in surgical fields. A detailed listing and explanation of the individual types of mandatory clerkship can be found in the curriculum of the Medicine degree programme.

Detailed curriculum of the Medicine degree programme in the currently valid form, in german:
Curriculum für das Diplomstudium Humanmedizin (PDF, 1MB)
konsolidierte Fassung des Curriculums Humanmedizin - gültig mit Juni 2022 12.07.2022

The Clinical Internship (KPJ) at MedUni Vienna

The overall aims of the KPJ are the acquisition of

  • Skills, knowledge and the appropriate demeanour according to the Austrian competence catalogue and according to European specifications,
  • Competence in clinical problem-oriented scientific thinking and evidence based medical actions

Generally, the Clinical Internship consists of a continuous practical training of 48 weeks. The KPJ is divided into three tertials of 16 weeks each. The following subjects can be chosen within the KPJ tertials:

  • KPJ-Tertial A "Internal Medicine"
  • KPJ-Tertial B "Surgical and perioperative subjects"
  • KPJ-Tertial C "Electives"

The KPJ Tertials can be fulfilled in any order and at the same or at various hospitals in Austria or abroad.