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Abstract Submission

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Abstract Submission

Participants are encouraged to submit an abstract of maximum 500 words no later than 29 January, 2023. Best rated abstracts will be presented in the "Abstract and video session" on Thursday, 2nd March afternoon. Abstract submission will be closed on January 29, 2023.

The language of the abstract is English, it must be informative and include: a) introduction, b) patients and methods, c) results and d) conclusions.

Data protection declaration in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation: Your data will only be used to process your participation in the event and will be deleted after the storage period has expired in accordance with the GDPR.
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Note: We would like to point out that photos and / or videos might be taken / recorded at the venue. These can be published in print and online media, on various social media platforms and on the website of MedUni Vienna for the purpose of documenting and reporting on the event.