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Long Night of Research: Welcome to the future of medicine!

MedUni Vienna organizes the Medical Research Mile on 24 May
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Bild: MedUni Wien/Kovic

(Vienna, 15 May 2024) MedUni Vienna is once again taking part in the Long Night of Research with numerous attractions. At around 150 stations on the Medical Research Mile around the MedUni Vienna General Hospital campus in Vienna's 9th district, visitors can immerse themselves in the fascination of pioneering research and developments, learn about or try out cutting-edge treatment and examination methods, experience a heart operation live, conduct brain research, discover digital dentistry and much more. The Long Night of Research will take place on May 24, 2024 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at numerous locations throughout Austria.

The Medical Research Mile of MedUni Vienna and its partner institutions comprises eleven locations within walking distance of each other. The MedUni Vienna Hörsaalzentrum (MedUni Vienna Lecture Center) at University Hospital Vienna (AKH Wien) is a meeting point for a particularly large number of demonstrations, presentations and hands-on stations. Once again this year, visitors can look forward to a live broadcast of a heart operation from University Hospital Vienna (19:15), where the surgical team will be live and comment on the various steps of the procedure.
Anyone who has always wanted to hold a scalpel in their hands will also have the opportunity to implant a heart valve prosthesis on a pig heart model at this location.

Also in the Hörsaalzentrum (MedUni Vienna Lecture Center), there are numerous stations focusing on the brain and nervous system, high-tech medicine for children and their parents, the immune system, blood and medication, muscles and joints, responsible animal testing and medical imaging and diagnostics. Various workshops are also on the program here. In "Learning to understand stress", for example, experimental methods for researching stress through virtual reality will be presented in order to develop a deeper understanding of its consequences.

At the AKH Südgarten, the area and buildings south of the University Hospital Vienna’s main building, everything will once again revolve around emergency medicine on the Medical Research Mile. Anyone who wants to can slip into a role themselves in an emergency simulation.
MedUni Vienna's High Field MR Center of Excellence with Austria's most powerful MR scanner (7 Tesla) will provide unique insights into the human body.
MedUni Vienna's Institute of Immunology opens its laboratories for fascinating excursions into the world of the immune system. An overview of current developments in cancer diagnostics and therapy can be found at the Center for Cancer Research. And at the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna, gaps in knowledge about innovations in dentistry will be filled on this evening.

Medical research mile on May 24, 2024, 5pm-2pm
MedUni Vienna and its partners will be presenting around 120 stations on research and developments for the future of medicine at the Medical Research Mile during the Long Night of Research at eleven locations in Vienna's 9th district:

- MedUni Vienna Hörsaalzentrum (Lecture Center at University Hospital Vienna – AKH Wien, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, levels 7 and 8),
- AKH Südgarten (Währinger Gürtel 18-20),
- Center of Excellence High Field MR (Lazarettgasse 14, 5 to 9 pm),
- Institute for Immunology at the Vienna Competence Center (Lazarettgasse 19)
- Center for Cancer Research (Borschkegasse 4a),
- University Clinic of Dentistry (Sensengasse 2a),
- CeMM - Research Center for Molecular Medicine (Spitalgasse 23),
- Pathological-anatomical collection in the Fool's Tower of the Natural History Museum (Spitalgasse 2)
- St. Anna Children's Cancer Research (Zimmermannplatz 10)
- Pharmacist's laboratory (Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists, Spitalgasse 31)