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Department of Neurosurgery

University Departments of the MedUni Vienna / Vienna General Hospital

Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl Rössler
Deputy Head: Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Christian Dorfer
2nd Deputy Head: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Matula

Department of Neurosurgery
Währinger Gürtel 18-20
1090 Vienna

P: +43 (0)1 40400-45650
F: +43 (0)1 40400-45660

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The Department of Neurosurgery is one of the largest and most up-to-date hospitals in the whole of Austria and can now look back on a very successful 50-year history. There are more than 60 beds available for patients. Around 2,000 surgical procedures are performed every year in four operating theatres and the departmental team performs 10,000 treatments in the associated specialist outpatient clinics.

Over the last few years, there have been enormous advances in neurosurgery. Using state-of-the-art imaging equipment and highly developed navigation as well as specialized endoscopic and microscopic devices, it is now possible to operate in a way that conserves the elementary functions of the brain and spinal cord as much as possible. MedUni Vienna offers the entire spectrum of neurosurgery, for example spinal operations and peripheral neurosurgery are performed in accordance with strict international standards.  Particular emphasis is placed on tumor surgery, vascular neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery and functional neurosurgery. 

"We are the only hospital in Austria to combine a gamma knife procedure room, an endovascular preocedure romm, an operating theatre for awake operations, an operating theatre for stereotactic procedures and a neuro intensive care unit in one building. We are therefore able to minimize travelling time for our patients, which is often crucial to their survival, and to guarantee them the highest level of care."

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Engelbert Knosp Head of the Department of Neurosurgery