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Clinical careers at the MedUni Vienna

Through the triple track consisting of research, teaching and patient care at the MedUni Vienna, there are exciting synergies for all participants. 

Clinical careers at the MedUni Vienna
Clinical careers at the MedUni Vienna

Doctors and medical-technical assistants have an interesting task at the Vienna Medical University: You deal with state-of-the-art medicine and simultaneously learn about hundred thousand patients for who they take responsibility in the clinical operation.

MedUni Vienna can rely on an impressive size and, together with the biggest hospital of Europe, AKH Vienna, and several research institutions such as Max Perutz Labs, on a huge network of medical knowledge. The professional environment of clinicians always continues to be exciting and attracts a number of renowned and committed employees.

The connection of research with everyday hospital life is in focus at the MedUni Vienna. But even the tried and tested principle of bedside teaching is valued and used as symbiosis of teaching and patient care. Combining all these aspects at an attractive location is one of the biggest advantages of the Medical University at Vienna as employer.

The options for a clinical career at the MedUni Vienna are subdivided into 30 institutions:

Careers in 30 university departments

The Medical University of Vienna treats patients in 30 university departments where research and teaching are also done simultaneously.

Careers in two clinical institutes

Clinical institutes for laboratory medicine and pathology simultaneously have the function of an infirmary, just like university hospitals.