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Project Information

The main documents originating from the project

Symposium „Digital Medicine and the Medical Curriculum“ – in-depth analysis (only available in German) (PDF, 575KB)
By means of a student-centred survey, we laid the foundation for selecting teaching materials and teaching methods that would be applied. 01.07.2021
Presentation of the project to the Curriculum Directorate (only available in German) (PDF, 2MB)
In order to engage in discussions with the various university committees, our focus in various presentations was on the in-depth depiction of specific sub-elements. 01.03.2021
EU Health Policy Platform Webinar on Digital Skills for Future-Proof Doctors (PDF, 119KB)
As part of the EU Health Policy Platform, the project was presented as a lighthouse project at the Thematic Network “Digital Doc: Implementation of Digital Skills for future-proof doctors”. 01.09.2020
Application/basic matrix – Working paper v7.2 (only available in German) (PDF, 206KB)
The application matrix or basic matrix links the digital medical applications with the necessary basics and serves as a foundation for planning the course content. 01.07.2020
Digital Skills, Knowledge and Communication for Students of Medicine (PDF, 2MB)
The introductory presentation shows the goals of the project “Digital Skills, Knowledge and Communication for Medical Curriculum” in a straightforward way. 01.05.2020