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Donation of bodies to research

If you want to leave your body to medicine, science and research when you die, you can find all the information about this here.

On behalf of students of medicine, dentistry and human biology at the Medical University ofVienna and the University of Vienna and the scientists of the Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology, MedUni Vienna would like to thank all those who have bequeathed their bodies to help with the education of future doctors, advanced medical training and medical-scientific research, after their death.

The Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology will provide the donor with a donor card. When the donor dies, it will take care of transferring their body to the nearest Anatomy Institute, preparing it and arranging the funeral. If it is not possible to use the donated body for the intended purpose, any residue from the contribution will be donated to fund science and research at the Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology of the Medical University of Vienna.

As a rule, preparation of the body and anatomical examinations for training and research purposes last between one month and three years. Every effort is made to make use of all parts of the body.

Once the examinations at the Medical University of Vienna have been completed, the body will be cremated and the ashes interred in the Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology's cenotaph in Vienna central cemetery, without relatives being present. If relatives are nominated on the body bequest form, they will be notified when interment has taken place.

Once a year, a memorial service is held to honour those who have given their bodies to medical science. In particular, relatives of the deceased, students and university lecturers are invited to attend.


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