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Clinical & Research Fellow

Welcome to the Medical University of Vienna and thank you for your interest in a Fellowship at our university.

A Fellowship can enable interested medical doctors and scientists from all over the world to gain subject-specific experiences and skills at the Medical University of Vienna while being involved under supervision at a (clinical) unit of your interest.

During your time at our university, you have the opportunity to increase your professional expertise in a learning-based environment, experience international exchange and dialogue with experts on site, and establish networking contacts for potential future endeavours.

Please be aware that a Fellowship is a non-curricular postgraduate involvement. Accordingly, it is not equal to a residency/specialist training.

The participation in academic lectures/programs (add-on programs) is feasible in the course of the Fellowship. Please note that additional costs will apply if you will be attending a complete postgraduate course. If you participate in curricular lectures/programs, you will receive an accredited confirmation of academic lectures only.

  • Clinical Fellowship clinical focus (for physicians only)
  • Research Fellowship scientific focus

Duration: minimum 3 to maximum 12 months

Minimum academic requirement: Master's degree

Application timeline: variable and dependent on current (legal) requirements and your country of origin (lead- and processing times up to 9 months possible).

Based on:

  • individual Training Plan by the (clinical) department clearly defining stated goals of training
  • Cooperation Agreement between the Medical University of Vienna and your Home Institution. Based on Austrian Law, your Home Entity guarantees in the agreement that you will remain employed (monthly salary included) with your Home Institution for the whole duration of the Fellowship. The Fellowship does not constitute any kind of employment with the Medical University of Vienna.
  • Tuition/Processing Fee
    • Clinical Fellowship: tuition fee of EUR 29.000,00 per 12 months. Depending on certain circumstances this charge can be waived for conclusively substantiated/justified reasons. If applicable, you may add an explanatory statement for waiving the tuition fee to your application. Please be aware that even if the tuition fee is waived, the processing fee of EUR 700,00 still applies.
    • Research Fellowship: processing fee of EUR 700,00 mandatory.
  • Financing financial backing of a Fellowship generally must be guaranteed by your Home Entity via Cooperation Agreement (see above).
    Funding by official grants or scholarships* (e.g. national and international sponsors, expert associations) may be examined alternatively. If you will be financed by a grant/scholarship, please inform us in a timely manner to enable appropriate coordination and further action.

*Alternative funding via grant/scholarship may be reviewed, if the grant/scholarship is sponsored by an official organization and can substitute a salary. Private financing schemes or personal grants to cover individual travel- and living expenses do not comply with the criteria and thus cannot be accepted for financing of a Fellowship.

Please send your application directly to the (clinical) unit (University Departments, Clinical Institutes, Medical Science Divisions) of your specific interest. Once the respective unit agrees to host you, the International Office will initiate the approval process accordingly.

Please refer to the Application Form for either Clinical Fellows or Research Fellows below for further information and an overview of required data before you apply for a Fellowship.

An approval by the International Office can be issued only upon availability and clearance of all mandatory documents.

Contact International Office

Please check the respective brochure (below) for additional information and feel free to contact us for any further queries concerning Fellowships at the Medical University of Vienna.

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