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ERASMUS Traineeships for Recent Graduates

Postgraduates shall apply for the mobility grant for a postgraduate practical placement directly to their home university during their active study period and shall have completed the practical placement by the latest 12 months after completing the study programme.

Duration of exchange between programme countries supported by the programme:

  • from 2 to 12 months
  • a maximum total of 24 months in the study programme
  • from study visits and/or practical student placements, including over several fields of study. 

Programme countries:

EU Member States, Iceland, Turkey, FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Liechtenstein and Norway.

  • Applications for the mobility grant must be made during the study programme at the home university, i.e. before the planned final degree qualification.
  • The pactical placement hast to be organised by oneself.
  • Candidates do not have to be enrolled for a postgraduate study programme when starting the practical placement.
  • This must be a full-time practical placement.
  • The practical placement must be study-related.
  • The duration of the practical placement must be at least 2 full months, but shall not exceed a maximum of 12 months per study level. Completed Erasmus students and Erasmus practical placements are included in the maximum practical placement duration.

INCOMINGS @ Medical University of Vienna

  • The International Office does not arrange training placements:
    Applications shall be sent directly to the relevant departments, which decide themselves according to their capacity.
  • For the ERASMUS programme it is mandatory just to be covered by compulsory accident and liability.
  • To meet the legal conditions of the Austrian government concerning the employment laws (social security obligations!) a  participation in Erasmus Traineeship for recent Graduates coming to the MEdical University of Vienna is only possible by employment at the Medical University.
  • Minor employment is NOT possible within this framework, but involves a full-time practical placement in working time of at least 30 hours.