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ERASMUS Traineeships for Recent Graduates

ERASMUS+ also supports the opportunity to go for a traineeship abroad as a recent graduate. In this case, the traineeship must occur within one year of graduation and interested students must apply while still being enrolled in their higher education institution.

  • Students have to apply for the mobility grant through the international or Erasmus+ office of their higher education institution.
  • Students have to organise the traineeship positions by themselves.
  • The traineeship is completed within 12 months after graduation of a graduate, bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree (candidates must no longer be enrolled at the start of their traineeship).
  • The position must be a full-time position.
  • The traineeship needs to be relevant for the degree-related learning and personal development needs.
  • The duration of the traineeship must be at least 2 full months, but shall not exceed a maximum of 12 months per study level. Completed Erasmus students and Erasmus practical placements are included in the maximum practical placement duration.

INCOMINGS @ Medical University of Vienna

  • The International Office does not arrange traineeship positions:
    Applications shall be sent directly to the relevant departments, which decide themselves about acceptance of the application according to their capacities.
  • Due to Austrian Medical Law, it is no longer possible to do clinical clerkships after graduation – as (recent) graduate it is only possible to engage in clinical practice when employed in an official position for doctors in training or as a clinical fellow. Therefore it is not possible to perform a clinical ERASMUS Traineeship as Recent Graduate.

  • For research traineeships after graduation (as for any kind of training at a company/department which is no longer part of the studies), the legal situation in Austria requires employment for insurance reasons (social security and professional liability) - even though the ERASMUS programme may only prescribe accident and liability insurance. Marginal employment is not an option since the position needs to be full-time.