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An Observership (exclusively for observing activities!) at the Medical University of Vienna offers medical graduates and scientists from around the world the opportunity to obtain deeper insights and more professional expertise in a specific medical field.

Observers holding a Master's degree will be enabled to observe colleagues of one of the multiple clinical units of the Medical University of Vienna based on a clear 'no hands-on' policy for a maximum period of 6 months.

The Medical University of Vienna strongly believes in knowledge transfer to achieve international cooperatons, as well as development and cultivation of international relationships amongst colleagues. In addition both, buildup of new relations and knowledge transfer will be supported. Further objectives of this programme are the share of individual clinical experiences and the attainment of a basic overview of the Austrian Medical System.

Besides the insights in specific medical fields, Observers consequently acquire an understanding of the background factors, structures and coherencies of the Austrian Health Care System.

Due to the uncertain development of SARS-CoV-2 and thereof related decisions we unfortunately cannot guarantee an implementation - thank you for your understanding!



Application - Documents - Approval

Each potential Observer has to apply at the unit (University Departments) of his/her specific interest directly in order to inquire for an Observer position. Once your Observership is officially supported (Letter of Intent) by the respective unit please make sure to submit your full application according to the current application form to the unit (secretariat, contact person). The unit will in turn transfer all compulsory documents to the International Office in order to achieve the final approval of the Observership.

Depending on your country of origin and due to associated legal requirements we recommend to apply up to 4 months prior to your intended Observership commencement.

The duration of an Observership may range between a period of a few days up to a maximum length of 6 months (within a period of 12 months).

Please be advised that an approval of your Observership is subject to submission of all required documents/data in due time.

Application form Observer (PDF, 500KB)
Application form Observer 21.07.2021

Please contact the International Office for further consultation.