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Student Mobility for Practical Training

Below you can find an overview of programs available for students who would like to perform practical training at MedUni Vienna.

Typical types of pracical training are: Clinical electives / clerkships, Clinical Practical Year, research stays, stays in the context of completion of academic theses and dissertations.

Please note that students concerned first of all have to contact the department that is relevant for them directly to enquire about available internship places*:

*This doesn't apply to applicants who would like to do clinical electives in the framework of cooperations, the ASEA-Uninet and EPU. In those cases the International Office will organize the placements for the applicants upon nomination by their home institution.

Further details on the application steps can be found on the webpage of the individual programs linked below.

At some university departments there is also an option to apply for self-organized clinical electives /clerkships or self-organized stays during the clinical practical year (independent of the below listed exchange programs). However, the International Office at MedUni Vienna is not involved administratively in this case, the applicant will not be enrolled at MedUni Vienna for the duration of the stay. If applicable, students have to enquire with the respective department directly about this option.