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Study Objectives & Qualification Profile

This interdisciplinary postgraduate master university course establishes quality standards for all areas of work in aesthetic medicine in the head and neck region. In addition to the focus on minimally invasive procedures and treatment techniques, the areas of physiology and anatomy in the context of aesthetic treatments are also taught.

Clinical experience in aesthetic medicine is required for completion of the program. Therefore, participants must complete a fellowship of at least one week in a clinical setting of their choice. Participants will be assisted in finding a suitable setting, if needed.

The university course „Master of Applied Medical Aesthetics“ imparts an in-depth, scientifically and methodically high-quality education oriented towards lasting knowledge, which qualifies graduates for further qualification and employment in a variety of fields of aesthetic medicine making them internationally competitive. These fields include, but are not limited to:

  1. Performing aesthetic treatments with a focus on minimally invasive techniques
  2. Work in a clinical setting for aesthetic medicine
  3. Management of an aesthetic practice
  4. Patient management and patient communication with an ethical approach
  5. Knowledge, understanding and assessment of new research and developments in aesthetic medicine

Graduates will be able to create aesthetic treatment plans, including the combination of different minimally invasive aesthetic therapies with a high-level consideration of risk management.