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Entry requirements

Admission pre-requisites

The following are pre-requisites for studying the master in medical aesthetics. The applying student must have:

  1. a) a completed medical degree in human medicine with a minimum of 300 ECTS credits obtained, or an equivalent degree completed at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution(minimum 300 ECTS credits).

    b) the entitlement to practice medicine independently as a specialist in plastic surgery or dermatology. Alternatively the student may specialize in an area which requires the education of surgical procedures on the head and neck-area (specifically an equivalent qualification for these areas)

    c) clinical experience of at least two years relevant to the application of aesthetic interventions, as a qualified surgeon in plastic surgery/dermatology or Alternatively the student may have clinical experience as a specialist in an area which requires the education of surgical procedures on the head and neck-area (specifically an equivalent qualification for these areas).
  2. Applicants must be at an English proficiency level of at least C1, as according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, in order to be considered for applications. If the applicants first language is English, verification of his/her English proficiency is waived. All other applicants are to provide proof of their English proficiency through following documents within the application process: Internationally recognized language certificates/diplomas, certificate of having taught courses in English, completion of a degree program in English or through the examination by the academic course director.
  3. Sufficient computer-skills are required for the student to be able to use both teaching and learning-platforms, as well as the use of digital literature databases.
  4. The application of the student must include a letter of application and a curriculum vitae.
  5. The academic course director verifies the applications on the basis of the documents submitted, and, if necessary, a personal interview.
  6. Admission is only permitted before the start of the university course. The academic course director determines the maximum number of participants per year, depending on the study placed available as according to the budget plan.
  7. Mid-course admissions are considered as exceptional cases in which the entry of the application can only be approved by the curriculum director after a proposal from the academic course director (provided the applicant in question can prove the completion of equivalent teaching and learning contents missed within the course).
  8. Pursuant to § 70 Para. 1 in conjunction with § 51 para. 2 no 22 UG, participants must apply for the admission to the university course as extraordinary students. The rectorate decides on the admission of the course applicants upon the proposal of the academic course director according to the available study places and qualification of the applicants.

Tution fees

32.000,00 EURO for the complete program

Language of instructions

English (English Niveau B2)

Applicants must prove their knowledge of the English language at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is necessary for successful study progress, either by means of internationally recognised language certificates/diplomas or certificates of completion (e.g. certificate of maturity on the basis of teaching in this language, completion of studies in the language of instructions) or as part of a review by the academic course director. Evidence may be omitted if the language of instruction is the first language of the applicant.