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Course Structure & Curriculum

Duration and Structure

  1. The university course lasts 2 semesters with 208 academic hours of teaching to impart specialised theory, practical skills as well as a process-oriented approach and 571 hours of self-study (blended learning), corresponding to 29 ECTS credits, which covers part of the theoretical knowledge. Taking into account the final thesis including presentation (1 ECTS), this results in 30 ECTS points for the university course "Occupational Health Specialist Service".
  2. The maximum duration of study is 4 semesters, which corresponds to the planned period of study plus 2 semesters. After that, admission to the university course expires.
  3. Part of the theoretical material can be offered as distance learning (e.g. e-learning).
  4. The university course is run on a part-time basis. The courses can also be held during the non-teaching time.
  5. The courses are held in German.


  • Fundamentals and collaboration
    (Legal basis in employee protection, job description, institutions and contact persons, communication)
  • Analysis of influencing factors
    (Measurement and survey of physical and psychological factors, risk evaluation, accident prevention)
  • Occupational health examinations
    (occupational physiology, occupational diseases, effects of physical and psychological factors, examination methods)
  • Prevention and measures
    (Labour laws, workplace design and occupational safety measures, health promotion)
  • Tools
    (Quality management, first aid, administration)