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Study Objectives & Qualification Profile

Training Goal

As a graduate you can:

  • enter into a direct employment relationship with one or more companies as a self-employed or employed occupational health practitioner,
  • work for an occupational health care centre,
  • take over the care of small businesses on behalf of the General Accident Insurance Institution (AUVA).

Occupational physicians play a crucial role in employee protection and are the first point of contact and hub for all health issues in companies. The occupational medicine training supports you in your development from a largely curative orientation to a new professional role - preventive medical activity in companies. 
This study prepares you to be able to perform your future tasks in a company in a qualified manner.

This preparation mainly consists of:

  • Recognizing health and performance-relevant factors in the workplace,
  • Evaluating these factors in terms of their potential impact on people,
  • Being involved in the development and participation in the implementation of improvement measures,
  • Assessing individual health impairments regarding their possible work-related causes and their effects on future performance and ability to work.

The training focuses on two main objectives: acquiring the necessary theoretical content (knowledge competence) and practising and applying the knowledge using concrete examples (=Competence to act).

The scientifically based explanation of medical, psychological, technological and economic interrelationships plays just as important a role in occupational medicine training as the practical preparation for your function as an independent, expert for employers and employees.