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Sleep Coaching

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Education3 Semester (15 ECTS)

Language of study German

Next startTBA

Costs 4.950,-

ManagementMag.a Brigitte Holzinger


Current Information:

Due to the current SARS-CoV2-situation, the course will start in form of distance learning.

Students who successfully graduated in the course "Sleep-Coaching" are qualified to consulting activities on sleep as well as providing information and assistance in the treatment-planning of sleeping disorders and execution of non-pharmacological or psychological treatment approaches for sleeping disorders (e.g. sleep-education, elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapy, professional conversation and nightmare-management).

On the one hand, this course procures knowledge of basic fundamentals in psychology and pathology of sleep (neurological, psychiatric, internistic, age-specific). And on the other hand, a further focus is to be a stimulus for own research in the fields of sleep and dream research.

Certificate Course Sleep Coaching

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