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Course objective & Qualification profile

Qualification profile

People graduated in course ‘sleep coaching’ (ULG-SC) have profound knowledge in the physiology, psychology and cultural background of sleep as well as in the treatment of sleep disorders. This knowledge qualifies, for example biomedical analysts, to perform sleep counselling in a sleep laboratory by applying psychological and psychotherapeutic methods, as individuals or in group settings. Graduates r are also qualified organize training courses on sleep, dreams, or the effects of night shift work on the sleep-wake rhythm.

Working as a medical sleep coach is understood as a supplement to the medical care services as provided by public and private sleep laboratories.

Furthermore, the ULG-SC also offers training in respectful communication techniques considering ethical standards as well as different cultural and social backgrounds. However, the term “sleep coach” is not equivalent with coaching training programs as defined by the Austrian trade regulation act.

Skills and all training topics addressed in the master’s program are described in more details in the curriculum.


Study objective

Graduates of the ULG-SC are eligible and qualified for advisory activities on all aspects of sleep and in providing information / assistance in planning and implementing non-drug based treatment programs and psychological counselling (e.g., sleep education, elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, Gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, counselling techniques, and treatment for nightmares) for non-restorative sleep. Graduates have also basic knowledge about sleep physiology and -psychology, as well as knowledge about how to implement campaigns to prevent sleep problems or to foster public awareness for the necessity of sufficient sleep. Graduates are also trained to conduct scientific studies on sleep and dreaming.