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Course objective & Qualification profile

The aim of this postgraduate course is to produce highly qualified toxicologists. The syllabus, delivered by a carefully selected team of international teaching staff, ensures that graduates will be able to identify and assess the potential harmful effects of chemical substances on human health and the environment; assess the likelihood that harmful effects will occur (risk assessment); and plan effective protective measures (risk management).

The course opens up career opportunities in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and at domestic and international authorities and institutions, as well as in a variety of other areas. After a minimum of five years’ relevant experience in toxicology, application for the domestically recognised title of Registered Toxicologist can be made to the Austrian Society of Toxicology (ASTOX), and application for the internationally recognised title of European Registered Toxicologist can be made to the Federation of European Toxicologists (EUROTOX).

Target Group

  • Graduates of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacy, nutritional sciences or other similar science subjects.