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Funding and Financing

There are various ways of financing your postgraduate education and training in Austria. Which funding option is ideal for you naturally also depends on your individual situation.

To assist you we have compiled some information on this page. This list does not claim to be complete, nor does this overview provide a guarantee that funding will be granted.

For more detailed information, please contact the funding institution concerned directly. We also recommend that you enquire about special funding that might be available from your respective federal state.

Alumni Club Discount

For some university courses there is a discount for alumni club members.

Databases for Funding Opportunities

Austrian databases for scholarships and research funding (abroad)

EU Funding

The European Commission promotes continuing education within the EU with various initiatives, which are summarised under “Erasmus+”.


Funding institutions in individual federal states

WAFF – Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (Continuing education account)

Educational support from the Chamber of Labour (AK)

Educational leave and part-time training

An educational leave can be concluded between the employee and the employer within an observation period of four years in total for a maximum of one year. During this time, the person on leave receives further training benefits from the Public Employment Service (AMS) in the amount of unemployment benefits.

Further information on educational leave and part-time training can be found on the info page of


Employees, the self-employed, and companies in Austria can claim tax benefits for further training expenses.

The costs of studying or further training can be deductible as further training costs, as training costs in a related profession or as retraining costs. Not only course and tuition fees, but all costs related to further education can be deducted such as; costs for documents, scripts, specialist literature, work equipment (notebook, PC, printer, scanner), travel costs, daily allowances, accommodation costs, internet and telephone costs.

Tax benefits for employees

Education costs are tax-deductible as income-related expenses in the context of the employee tax assessment - for employed persons.

Tax benefits for the self-employed

Self-employed people can enter further training measures (and the associated costs) in their income tax return as business expenses, which have a tax-reducing effect.

Subsidies and tax benefits for companies


Public Employment Service (AMS) – Subsidies for companies

Funding database of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO)

For companies, training costs reduce the tax base as business expenses. In addition, education allowances for further training costs and training premiums can be claimed.

More information on tax benefits

For further information, please contact your tax advisor or the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Educational loans

Education loans as a form of financial support is awarded in Germany by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and offers students a low-interest loan (further information). It must be a full-time education at an institution of higher education in Germany or an equivalent educational institution in another European country.

In Austria, some financial institutions offer favourable loans for educational purposes. For more information, please contact your bank or building society.