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Career Opportunities

Better Job Opportunities Through Further Training

In order to be able to truly utilize the possibilities of modern medicine, more and more highly qualified, specialized personnel are required. Further training and additional education therefore express themselves in improved career opportunities.

In a clinical work environment, there is an increasing need for experts who can master their demanding, daily tasks and are at the same time open to new techniques and methods. This concerns all levels of medical staff, because only perfect interaction between all professional groups ensures the quality of clinical care.

In our courses, we build on theoretical and practical knowledge that the participants have already acquired and expand on their expertise in essential fields of medicine in a targeted manner. This results in decisive advantages on the labour market.

Higher Salaries Through Recognized Training

When a certain occupation requires a higher degree of specialization, this is reflected in its salary.

For example, as an occupational physician you need a state-recognised, high-quality education, which we offer in the Cooperative Occupational Medicine course. Our MedPhysics university course qualifies physicists and electrical engineers, who have completed a diploma or doctoral degree, to work as medical physicists in a growing professional field. And the training in aesthetic dentistry with the MClinDent degree is another example of such specialisation.

Investing in a Profession with a Future

Those who have highly specialised knowledge significantly increase their chances of reaching more responsible and thus better-paid positions in the course of their working lives.

Wanted: highly specialized intensive care staff

One example of this is intensive care, the supreme discipline in everyday clinical care. The survival of patients depends on its quality. Highly trained people are necessary to guarantee the best care in the highly technical environment of intensive care medicine. Without a highly specialised nursing staff, even the best technology is of no use in saving lives. The Corona pandemic in particular has shown how much intensive care specialists are needed.

Clinical research needs experts

Graduates of the Study Management university course also become experts in an important field of medicine. Clinical research stands and falls with them, which needs knowledgeable staff who can face the challenges of everyday study with profound know-how. The prerequisite for this is an institutionally secured and theoretically sound education that ensures the high quality of Austria as a study location.

People who have obtained a Postgraduate Master’s in Study Management become important contacts in key positions, for example in (international) project management.

Clinical perspective in study management

Scientific studies are led by trained investigators who supervise, set up and direct specific research and, in cooperation with the study staff, draw up a "roadmap" - or study protocol - for the respective study.

The challenging qualification in the field of this important discipline is opened to graduates through the Clinical Research university course.

Specialisation is the Key to Success

What is true for the knowledge society in general is also true for the medical field: due to the ever increasing degree of specialisation, specialised knowledge is also becoming increasingly important.

With our university courses, we offer high-level specialisations that pave career paths into exciting professional fields. This includes subjects such as Toxicology, Work Capability and Integration Management, Healthcare Facilities HCF and Interdisciplinary Pain Medicine (ismed) as well as Psychoanalytic/ Psychodynamic Methods (ULG- PPPM), Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Insurance Medicine, Public Health (MPH) and Health Care Management (HCM).

From curiosity into a better job

Many of our participants want to deepen their interests with our further education offering and thus put their activities on a more stable foundation and enrich their everyday working life with an additional perspective.

In the Psychotherapy Research university course, pre-trained academics scientifically deal with the field of psychotherapy. In the Transcultural Medicine and Diversity Care university course, participants expand their spectrum to include intercultural and sociocultural skills, which is becoming increasingly important in times of international mobility. The subject of Gender Medicine enables graduates to contribute their know-how to research, teaching, and health policy.

Further Information from Professional Associations

Many professional organisations, associations, and institutions run job fairs on their websites or give personal advice on career opportunities

Jobs and career profiles

Specific job advertisements and more detailed career profiles can often be found on the websites of the respective interest or professional organisations (professional associations, societies) which often also cooperate with our courses Departments where the courses are located. A selection of links to these can be found in the course descriptions.

Courses and seminars