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New CBmed Core Lab opened at MedUni Vienna

Medicine & Science, University

The Austrian research center CBmed officially opens a new Core Lab for proteomics at the Medical University of Vienna.

MedUni Vienna team takes second place in Paul Ehrlich Contest

Medicine & Science, Studies & Further Education, University

This international contest for medical students also acts as a yardstick for the effectiveness and quality of the universities' academic teaching in…

Alumni Club to be more closely linked with the MedUni Vienna Communication Department

Medicine & Science, People of the MedUni Vienna, Organisation, University

MedUni Vienna's Alumni Club is being revamped and will, in future, work more closely with the Communication and Public Relations Department.

Shaping the Future: MedUni Vienna 2015 Annual Report

Medicine & Science, University

MedUni Vienna’s 2015 Annual Report describes the course that has been set towards a new era with new aims and new visions.

New treatment approaches to improve peritoneal dialysis

Medicine & Science, University

To find new therapeutic approaches, the Christian Doppler Laboratory for "Molecular stress research in peritoneal dialysis" has now been set up at…

Successful IPO with MedUni Vienna patent

University, Medicine & Science, People of the MedUni Vienna

MedUni Vienna patent application relating to the potential development of an oral medication to combat multiple sclerosis.

Towards the medicine of the future: more precise, more personalized, more efficient

University, Medicine & Science

Precision medicine – also known as "personalized medicine" – is the most significant medical trend of the 21st century.

Triggers for migraine attacks determined for individual patients

Medicine & Science, University

Determining the factors that trigger migraine attacks is an important, albeit difficult, step in managing migraine

More precise diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors

Medicine & Science, University

It is becoming increasingly possible to identify specific central nervous system (CNS) tumors accurately and to provide targeted treatment