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Managing knowledge: MedUni Vienna’s goals as an employer

MedUni Vienna employs a large number of researchers, professors and staff, who shape the character and everyday environment of the Medical University.

In its role as an employer, MedUni Vienna considers itself to be responsible for ensuring a smooth and efficient coexistence, so that the focus can always remain on the important aspects of everyday work – research, teaching and patient care. The HR development function at MedUni Vienna aims to enable the organisation and its employees to implement established strategies, so that processes can be continuously improved and tasks successfully and efficiently executed. 

Staff development is therefore more than "continuous professional development" – rather it is about the specific development of its employees' strengths, about lifelong learning and an important resource in terms of the corporate culture and the University's internal and external image.

Working successfully at the Medical University of Vienna

MedUni Vienna sees itself as a workplace that provides individual opportunities for development and growth, offers advice about career development and other aspects of current lifestyle, and offers a motivational working environment. Central aspects for achieving such a university culture are work-life and work-load balance, further development of cooperation and collaboration, raising awareness of diversity management within MedUni Vienna and supporting employees in their ongoing development.

Social responsibility and international networks

In order to attract the best brains and to make optimal use of existing intellectual and creative potential, MedUni Vienna has prioritised organisational culture and staff development and offers incentives to highly gifted researchers and performance-related career models for doctors. 

In addition to this, MedUni Vienna participates in a large number of international networks and non-university collaborations. And for good reason: around half of all MedUni Vienna publications arise out of joint international projects. MedUni Vienna is clearly positioned as a university that lives and promotes diversity and therefore attracts scientists from all around the world. Moreover, it demonstrates social responsibility by focusing on gender mainstreaming and gender medicine.

MedUni Vienna’s staff development goals

The Medical University's staff development goals include:

  • Structured integration of new employees:
    The aim of systematic integration programmes is to ensure that new members of staff are integrated as quickly as possible, identify with the values and culture of MedUni Vienna and are committed to the establishment (commitment).
  • Careers service and career development:
    Career Development Centers not only help new employees to settle into the University quickly but they also offer existing employees an opportunity to reflect on their development path and professional future.
  • Supervision, coaching and organisational development:
    Apart from helping employees to overcome professional challenges and enhance their performance, this offering also helps employees to look after their health. These measures contribute to improving task-related performance and engendering better self-management, effective coping strategies and greater job satisfaction.
  • Workplace health promotion:
    Staff development activities relating to workplace health promotion help to reduce sickness-related costs, e.g. via a drop in absenteeism and a return on investment (ROI) of 1:2 to 1:3. In this area, MedUni Vienna provides an offering that includes ergonomic classes and seminars offering psychological strategies to overcome stressful situations and high workload.
  • Diversity Management & Internationality:
    In order to attract and retain top international scientists, MedUni Vienna considers diversity aspects, such as language, family status, country of origin or religion, when planning staff development measures (inter alia by means of mentoring, career service, dual career and welcome culture).