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Imparting knowledge: Education and Teaching Goals

Knowledge is becoming the most important resource in post-industrial 21st-century society. The education sector is constantly developing and nations often compare themselves by the standard of their education system.

Nowadays, the term "knowledge" has new connotations. It is no longer associated with archives, school and the educated middle classes but is understood as a resource that lends an edge to a knowledge-based society, to give it a decisive competitive advantage and to promote innovation. The creation and imparting of knowledge has therefore become a core function of highly developed national economies. 

Life-long learning is becoming increasingly necessary and sought-after: the number of private universities, technical universities and corporate universities is increasing; as is the thirst for education. For 650 years now, the MedUni has been growing alongside this dynamic market for knowledge and education. 

Top qualification for future doctors

MedUni Vienna is Austria's largest medical training establishment. Under the care of more than 1,000 teaching staff, 8,000 students are currently pursuing their studies in human medicine and dentistry.

Attractive offers such as high-quality doctoral and PhD programmes make MedUni Vienna one of the major center for post-graduate education and promotion of young researchers in the global education market. Special university courses such as e.g. medical hypnosis, interdisciplinary pain medicine, nursing management or healthcare management round out the comprehensive teaching programme.

Students at MedUni Vienna benefit, in particular, from the Triple Track, comprising research, teaching and patient care – Vienna General Hospital, the largest hospital in Europe, is only a stone’s throw away and is an integral part of the teaching provided at the Medical University of Vienna.

Study Programmes at the Medical University of Vienna

Medical science and practice

From the programmes in Medicine and Dentistry to PhD and doctoral programmes to numerous courses - the largest German-speaking medical training facility is located in Vienna.