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ERASMUS Staff Mobility

Expanding competences with ERASMUS

Learning from each other and sharing knowledge is an important principle of every higher education institution. Through Erasmus stays, not only expertise but also pedagogical skills can be exchanged. More experience means enrichment and thus expansion of the teaching offered at higher education institutions. Exchanges of university staff also strengthen cooperation between universities.
Cross-border cooperation can strengthen own competences and increase quality in general. The improvement of language skills can be a great added value for further cooperation and strategic objectives of one's own institutions can be pushed.

A TEACHING STAY (STAFF MOBILITY FOR TEACHING PURPOSES) enables all teaching staff at a partner HEI to teach abroad.

A teaching activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week (or any other period of stay shorter than a week). If the mobility lasts longer than one week, the minimum number of teaching hours for an incomplete week should be proportional to the duration of that week.

Staff must carry out their physical mobility activity in any EU Member State or third country associated to the Programme different from the country of the sending organisation and the staff country of residence.

A TRAINING ACTIVITY (STAFF MOBILITY FOR TRAINING PURPOSES) abroad enables all members of staff of a higher education institution to participate in a training activity abroad relevant to their daily work at the higher education institution. The activity may take the form of training events (excluding conferences) or periods of job shadowing and observation periods.

The duration of mobility among EU Member States and countries associated to the Programme must be from 2 to 60 days of physical mobility, excluding travel time according to the EU Programme Guide. In all cases, the minimum number of days must be consecutive.

ERASMUS staff mobility for university teaching and administrative staff at partner universities in EU member states and third countries associated with the programme is supported by MedUni Vienna

  • for applications that have been submitted 6 weeks before the start of the stay,
  • for a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 2 weeks of physical mobility, excluding travel time (applies to mobilities starting as of 01.10.2023)
  • in justified exceptional cases, e.g. IKV teaching, up to a maximum of two months, depending on budgetary coverability.

According to the EU programme guidlines, mobile staff shall receive an EU grant as a contribution to their costs for travel and subsistence during the period abroad. The amounts of grant support for mobilities are calculated in principle according to the maximum rates for travel and subsistence costs as set by the European Commission and depend on the travel distance, the duration of stay, the receiving country and means of travel (in case of Green Travel, the amount of travel support will increase in accordance with the travelled distance, the amount of individual support will increase by additionally funded travel days.).

MedUni Vienna provides support to mobile staff by the settlement of their mobilities as business trips (“Dienstreisen”). The financial support for mobile staff will be calculated according to the "RGV - Reisegebührenvorschrift des Bundes" (Austrian Travel Expenses Provisions) by the Department of Human Resources and Human Resources Development.

In case the amount according to RGV exceeds the EU grant amount according to the programme guidelines, the difference shall be settled by MedUni Vienna as contribution to mobility on the part of the institution.

  • Staff members interested in staff mobility should first contact the International Office.

  • Applications are possible at any time (but should be submitted at least 6 weeks before the planned start of the mobility period)!

  • Staff member who are awarded a grant for staff mobility from EU funds* are requested to submit a travel application form (“Formular Antrag Dienstreise”) to the Department of Human Resources and Human Resources Development.

  • An application for a leave of absence (“Freistellung”) is not required for the duration of an approved business trip (justified absence).

  • Work-related travel such as business trips is not possible during an educational leave (“Bildungskarenz”), as any approved leave of absence implies time off from an employee’s work-related duties.

Applications for ERASMUS staff mobility have to be registered with the mobility management programme MOBILITY-ONLINE.
After applicants have created an account, they can download all documents that are required in accordance with the ERASMUS+ programme guidelines and also upload them again with the required signatures before and after the mobility.
Interested staff members need to contact the International Office for access to Mobility-Online in the preparation of the application for your planned mobility.

  • Mobility Agreement, signed by the mobile person, the ERASMUS coordinator of MedUni Vienna and the responsible person at the host institution,
  • Grant Agreement (funding agreement), signed by the mobile person and the Vice Rectorate for Research. 
  • Confirmation of stay

After the business trip, the staff member must submit a travel expense report (“Formular Reiserechnung (Verwaltung)”) in accordance with the provisions of the current applicable version of the 1955 travel expenses regulation (RGV - Reisegebührenvorschrift des Bundes) to the Department of Human Resources and Human Resources Development together with the approved travel application form and the required original receipts. Please note that the travel dates of the approved application must correspond exactly with the travel dates in the travel expense report. The amount of the financial support shall be based on the travel expenses regulation (RGV - Reisegebührenvorschrift des Bundes). In case the amount according to RGV exceeds the of the EU grant amount according to the programme guidelines, the difference shall be settled by MedUni Vienna as contribution to mobility on the part of the institution.
The rates for travel and subsistence costs as set by the European Commission can be found here!

Requirements for the award of the ERASMUS grant as contribution to the travel expenses according to RGV:

  • Travel expense report in accordance with RGV: to be submitted to the Department of Human Resources and Human Resources Development.
  • a confirmation of stay: Upload in the mobility management programme Mobility-Online.
  • a Participant Survey of the EU: The request to complete this report will be sent automatically by e-mail from the online tool of the EU after the end of the mobility.

* EU funding for staff mobility shall be awarded in accordance with the available EU budget granted to MedUni Vienna's on the basis of past performance.


In order to be able to participate in staff mobility within the framework of the ERASMUS programme, the following requirements must be met beforehand:

  • As ERASMUS STAFF MOBILITIES are spent at individual departments of interest, the International Office can only process applications (& sign the required ERASMUS documents) after the submission of the duly signed acceptance by the respective department
    Candidates need to establish contact with the respective departments already in preparation of the application by themselves. 

  • Notification to the International Office of the Medical University of Vienna by the host department/division:
    The host departments informally forward the following information by e-mail to the International Office of the MedUni Vienna,, in order to arrange the registration in the International Office:
    • Mobility Agreement to be provided by the applicant together with
    • the STM Staff Mobility Acceptance Form provided by the receiving department.
  • Registration for professional indemnity by the host department/division:
    The host departments shall be responsible for sending the following information informally by e-mail to the division "Vorfallsabwicklung und Prävention" (Department Ärztliche Direktion) ( to arrange for professional liability coverage for the applicant:
    • Name of host department/division
    • Name of the participant
    • Date of birth
    • Category of employment
    • Planned period of employment
  • Health Confirmation for submission to the host department/division:
    • A health certificate is required. (Form: Immunization Record)
    • For a visit or activity in the surgical area, surgical wards, MRSA screening (nose) is also required in intensive care units or paediatric clinics. The findings must be made within one month before the start of the visit or of the activity.
    • For certain areas, additional health certifications may be issued in accordance with the management of the area such as tuberculosis pulmonary X-rays.

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