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ERASMUS Staff Mobility

Participants of ERAMSUS Staff Exchange are welcome. The option exists to apply to any institution of the employee’s choice within the ERASMUS exchange programme within the range of minimum of 2 days and maximum of 2 months per stay.

As ERASMUS Staff Mobility is spent at individual departments of interest we cannot process your application before you have submitted the duly signed acceptance by the respective department.

Not till then can your application be confirmed by signing the required ERASMUS documents certified by the International Office forStudent & Staff Affairs of the Medical University of Vienna.

MedUni Vienna will provide you with support where possible, but cannot organise your individual placement. This requires personal initiative.

In the International Office For Student & Staff Affairs of MedUni Vienna

  • Applications are always possible! 
  • after obtaining a leave of absence via the personnel department
  • and online registration via MedCampus!
  • the subsidy is paid out at the end of the same year if the notification is made by 1 May, 
    at the end of the following year for notifications made after 1 May.

For a subsidy of the costs a proof of the stay and an online report are necessary beside the travel expense receipts. A call for completion of this report is automatically sent by the EU's Online Mobility Tool at the end of the mobility period.

Mobility costs are subsidised as part of a business trip travel allowance. 

A mobility allowance may be granted subject to budgetary cover.

Accommodation costs: Accommodation costs are calculated as a lump sum (unit costs) per day and according to country category. (ERASMUS Guidelines)

Travel expenses: The travel expenses are paid as a lump sum according to distance (distance calculator). 

Erasmus+ promotes teaching stays at European partner universities as well as further education and training measures of university staff at European universities to the extent of at least 2 days and a maximum of 2 months per stay.
In order to be able to participate in staff mobility within the framework of the ERASMUS programme, the following requirements must be met beforehand contacts already exist with the preferred department of a host institution. Only after confirmation has been received, the application for personnel mobility can be submitted in the International Office for further processing.

  • Notification to the International Office of the MedUni Vienna by the clinic secretariat:
    The clinic secretariats informally forward the following information by e-mail to the International Office of the MedUni Vienna,, in order to arrange the registration in the International Office:
    • Mobility Agreement to be provided by the applicant together with
    • the STM Staff Mobility Acceptance Form for provided by the receiving department.

  • Registration for professional indemnity by the clinic secretariat:
    The clinic secretariats send the following information informally by e-mail to the Incident Management and Prevention Staff unit of the Medical Directorate ( to arrange for the registration of professional liability:
    • Requesting clinic
    • Name of the participant
    • Date of birth
    • Category of employment
    • Planned period of employment

  • Health Confirmation for submission to the clinic secretariat:

    • A health certificate is required. (Form: "Medical certificate" from 11.08.2017 V1.0 or equivalent document)
    • For a visit or activity in the surgical area, surgical wards, MRSA screening (nose) is also required in intensive care units or paediatric clinics. The findings must be made within one month before the start of the visit or of the activity.
    • For certain areas, additional health certifications may be issued in accordance with the management of the area such as tuberculosis pulmonary X-rays.


International Office for Student & Staff Affairs

BT88, Floor 4, Corridor 900, Room 912,
Spitalgasse 23
1090 Vienna, Austria

Hofrat Dr. Human Salemi
ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator

P: +43 (0)1 40160-25235

Office hours: 
As the SARS-CoV-2 is now also developing very dynamically in Europe,
we have to suspend our office hours from now on out of duty of care until further notice.
Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

No office hours from 24.12. - 07.01. !