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Information about submission

The Rectorate of MedUni Vienna started the "MedUni Vienna Researcher of the Month" programme in June 2004 to make people aware of MedUni Vienna's outstanding achievements in the field of research.

Ever since then, an independent expert committee selects the Researcher of the Month on a monthly basis to recognise their outstanding research work. Under the heading "MedUni Vienna Researcher of the Month", the winning researcher will be featured at a prominent place on MedUni Vienna's website with a portrait photo, a brief video and detailed background information and will be publicised in the media.

What is the purpose of the programme?

  • Public recognition of outstanding research achievements by members of MedUni Vienna and research institutions associated with MedUni Vienna (eg MFPL, CeMM, LBIs).
  • Enhancing the scientific reputation of MedUni Vienna by presenting outstanding research work produced by its members, which mainly results from their work at MedUni Vienna.

Prerequisites for submissions

  • Lead authorship of an original publication that has appeared in a prominent journal (top 20% in the field) during the current calendar year (going by the date of the printed version).
  • Self-submissions and nominations are accepted.

You must submit:

The reason for the nomination (recent top original publication) with an easy-to-understand summary of the essential scientific content (in German) with a brief bibliography relating to the topic.

  • Comprehensive outline of the research environment, in particular including national and international collaborations relevant to the nomination (Word format).
  • Scan of the published research paper being submitted for consideration (including publication date of the printed version)
  • Publication list with details of impact factors
  • Detailed CV focusing on research activities
  • High-resolution digital photograph

Please email these documents by 15 December of the current calendar to the University Management Office (

How are the nominations selected?

By an independent jury of MedUni Vienna professors.

Currently these are:
Bruno Karl Podesser
Daniela Pollak-Monje Quiroga

All submissions from a calendar year will be collected and a majority decision made from among the nominations, while ensuring a balance between basic, translational and clinical research. The 12 best publications will be chosen and the prize-winners will be featured each month on the MedUni Vienna website over the course of the following year. Prize-winners will receive a certificate identifying them as "MedUni Vienna Researcher of the Month", presented at an academic ceremony by the Rector and Vice Rector for Research.

To submit a nomination or ask a question, please contact:

Karin Marschall

Büro der Universitätsleitung

Spitalgasse 23
1090 Wien

P: +43 (0)1 40160-10155