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Doctoral Thesis

Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science N790
Application & Admission
Language of Instruction

English: min. Level C1


6 Semester  (180 ECTS)
Graduate: Dr. scient. med.

Thematic Programmes



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The doctoral thesis, provides the final evidence that the doctoral candidate has acquired the knowledge and skills to achieve scientific work independently and competently.

With their thesis doctoral candidates produce evidence of their capability of solving an essential scientific problem successfully and increasingly independently as well as of their understanding of integrating new results into the frame of the current state of knowledge.

The doctoral candidate may apply for a topic from the suggestions of the available and registered doctoral supervisors. After admission to the doctoral programme, in collaboration with the supervisor, a thesis proposal must be composed which has to be defended in front of the thesis committee and afterwards has to be presented together with the expert opinion of the committee to the curriculum director for approval. The doctoral thesis has to be integrated into a research project approved by a strict expert opinion.

The topic of the doctoral thesis must be taken from one of the thematic programmes or shall have a meaningful connection to of them. If a topic is composed in teamwork, the intellectual and experimental contribution of the doctoral candidate must be clearly evident for an individual evaluation.

Within the scope of the doctoral thesis the doctoral candidate has to work with international specialist literature, select and apply the adequate methodology for the scientific problem. He or she will be supported by the supervisor as and has to document the progress of the doctoral thesis and the results in a suitable manner (project book). The thesis must be composed in English whereas the abstract must be composed in English and German. The completed thesis is to be submitted to the curriculum director.