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Admission to PhD and Doctoral Programmes at the Medical University of Vienna

Unlike the Medicine and Dentistry degree programmes, the PhD and doctoral programmes place specific requirements on applicants.

Admission procedure

In order to allow for registration for a doctoral programme at the Medical University of Vienna, a prior commitment by a relevant thesis supervisor is necessary. Each candidate must try, independently and in person, to find a relevant thesis supervisor for the doctoral thesis.

Contact data of relevant thesis supervisors please find within each of the thematic programmes.
See thematic programmes in

Only after such a commitment has been made by a relevant supervisor, there is a concept drawn up for a doctoral thesis and an application for admission handed over. 

Along with all required documents, the application shall be handed over to the Studies and Examinations Department for the applicable registration periods.

The project data of a peer reviewed and funded research project raised by the thesis supervisor are mandatory to be indicated correctly and completely within the form "Concept of the doctoral thesis project".
The data and signatures required  are provided by the supervisor. 

The required application forms have to be filled-in and signed correctly and completely by all  individuals involved ! 

The project data of a research project raised by the thesis supervisor are mandatory to be indicated correctly and completely within the form "Concept of the doctoral thesis project".
The data and signatures required  are provided by the supervisor. 

The required application forms have to be filled-in and signed correctly and completely by all  individuals involved !

In order to be admitted to a doctoral programme, an approval and supervision agreement with a thesis supervisor is required. Each student is personally obliged to ensure a thesis supervisor in advance. Thesis supervisors provide thesis projects and financial support, given that a doctoral programme is usually linked to an academic job. 

Please look for a relevant supervisor in good time and contact him/her yourself. Please also note that supervisors are not subject to any obligation to accept you as a doctoral student. 

If the supervisor of your choice does not appear in the above list, he or she should consult with the programme coordinator as soon as possible and make a request to be included.

In order to allow for admission, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • a degree in medicine or dentistry or
  • a degree in an academic/technical, topic-relevant or topic-related degree programme or 
  • a degree in the Medical Informatics degree programme or  
  • a degree in a Bachelor programme at an internationally recognised post-secondary educational facility, equivalent to those mentioned above. In this case the Rectorate decides whether equivalence has been proven.  
  • very good English skills, both verbally and in writing.
  • commitment by a supervisor within a specialisation topic.  

The required degree programmes cover Bachelor and Master’s programmes. University courses (Universitätslehrgänge) and teacher training courses (Lehramtsstudien) do not fulfill these requirements.  

Doctoral students are seen as early stage researchers, therefore individuals who already have a venia docendi resp. who are about to apply for a venia docendi, are not allowed to apply for admission to a doctoral programme.

In addition to the application forms completely filled-in and completely signed by all required individuals, the following documents have to be submitted:

  • High school leaving certificate
  • degree certificates of completed studies (BSc, MSc, diploma studies)
  • Applicants with a non-EEA* citizenship submit an "eligibility certification" issued by a registrar´s office of a state-approved university in the country/state where the diploma/master has been issued indicating that the applicant fulfills the requirements for starting PhD studies in the country/state where the diploma/master has been issued. The "eligibility certification" needs a current date of issuing!
  • Instead of the above-mentioned "eligibility certification" there may also be submitted a diploma supplement (stating the fulfillment of the compliance with the  requirements for starting PhD studies) issued by the university which awarded the diploma.
  • colour photo (passport size)
  • CV
  • photocopy of passport

Please notice:

Only complete applications for admission will be treated. Please submit all required documents authenticated as required in hard copy and in photo copy! The MedUni Vienna keeps the photo copies.

*EEA - European Economic Area

Authentication of documents

Please see a LIST OF COUNTRIES in order to find out what authentications are needed and whether an eligibility certification is required!

Sort of authentications:

Full authentication:
Documents are authenticated by the Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and finally by the Austrian mission (Austrian Embassy) in the country of issue.

Documents issued in countries having joined the Hague convention of October 5th 1961 (BGBl.Nr. 27/1968), just need authentication by means of "Apostille" by the respective domestic authorities. Associated states

Documents not issued in German or English are to be translated into German or English prior to the requested authentications.

Documents issued in Mongolia and the People's Republic of China are to be authenticated need a full authentication. Additionally documents are to be authenticated at the Austrian Academic Inspection Authority (APS). For further information please contact:

Austrian Academic Inspection Authority (APS)

P: +43 8610-6590-7138
F: +43 8610-6590-7140

Landmark Tower 2, Büro 0311
8 North Dongsanhuan Road
Chaoyang District
100004 Beijing 

Documents issued in Hongkong and in Macao need "Apostille". An additional authentication by APS is not needed.

Tuition charges and the Students Union contribution must be paid each semester. Please obtain information from the study fees site.

The application for admission may take place at any time.
The enrolment to studies, however, is just possible within the enrolment periods.


Enrolment period for the winter semester 2021/22

  • General admission deadline: 11. Juli 2021 - 05. Sep. 2021
  • Additional extension: 06. Sep. 2021 - 30. Nov. 2021

Enrolment period for the summer semester 2022

  • General admission deadline: 08. Jän. 2022 - 05. Feb. 2022
  • Additional extension: 06. Feb. 2022 - 30. Apr. 2022

Please submit the application for admission at least 10 days in prior to the deadlines of the enrolment periods. Otherwise the enrolment in the current semester cannot be guaranteed.


Please submit your application for admission to this contact address.

In case the application for admission can be handled positively there is issued an information letter about the admission to studies normally within 2-3 days. Subsequently applicants are allowed to enrol to studies within the enrolment periods.