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Application and Admission to PhD and Doctoral Programmes at the Medical University of Vienna

Unlike the Medicine and Dentistry degree programmes, the Ph.D. and doctoral programmes place specific requirements on applicants.

Ph.D. postion application

The basic requirement for admission to a doctorate at MedUni Vienna is the commitment of a Ph.D. supervisor to support you in your studies.

Supervisors have the possibility to advertise their open Ph.D. positions on our Ph.D. opportunities website or through their own channels. You can apply for these Ph.D. positions online in our application portal within the application deadline. Open Ph.D. calls will take place twice a year. More information about the online application process and currently open Ph.D. positions can be found here.

If there is currently no online application open for your preferred Ph.D. program or project, you have the possibility to send an initiative application to your preferred supervisor via email. The contact details of the supervisors can be found on the Ph.D. Supervisor webpage

Important note: The application for a PhD position is a seperate and independent process from admission. If you have already come to an agreement with a Ph.D. supervisor you only have to enroll for your studies. 



Admission procedure for the Ph.D. and Doctorate studies

You can enrol for two study programs at MedUni Vienna: 

For the registration for all Ph.D. and doctoral programs at the Medical University of Vienna, a prior commitment by a relevant thesis supervisor is necessary.  It is the student´s responsability to come to an agreement with a thesis supervisor for the doctoral thesis before applying to enrol in a Ph.D. program. Students, who have successfully participated in one of our Ph.D. calls and received an offer from us, do not need to obtain any additional proof of commitment from a supervisor.

The next step is to complete your online PhD and doctoral enrolment application and attach all the necessary documents. The system allows you to check the status of your application at any time. 

If all documents have been submitted correctly, you will receive a payment request for the ÖH and/or tuition fees. Once the fees have been paid, you will officially be enrolled for your studies and receive the pin code to activate MedCampus for students and your student ID card. 

Late payment of the ÖH and/or the tuition fee will result in exmatriculation and you will have to be readmitted.

After admission, you will be able to book your courses and start your scientific work. At the end of the second semester, please send us your dissertation application, which is also part of the overall grade. 

Online application for admission

For the admission to the Ph.D. program, please register online and submit an application with all required documents to the Admissions Office by the admission periods deadline. 

If you already have an active student or staff account and wish to register for a PhD programme, please use the following link:

If you have not studied or worked at MedUni Vienna before, please use this second link to register as a new user and for the study programme:$ctx/wbSelbstRegPerson.register

After you have registered in MedCampus, you can check the status of your admission there at any time. We will inform you in the system if we require any additonal information or documents from you, therefore we suggest that you check the status of your application from time to time.

What documents do I have to submit for admission?

required for PhD

concept of the doctoral thesis

approval documents of the peer reviewed projects of the supervisor

application for admission

high school leaving certificate

Certificates of completed studies

eligibility certification (if required)

proof of English language skills (min. B2-level)

Employment contract as a scientific employee in the case of external employment

required for Doctoral study

concept of the doctoral thesis

 approval document of the project of the supervisor

application form

application for admission

high school leaving certificate

Certificates of completed studies

eligibility certification (if required)

proof of English language skills (min. B2-level)

employment contract as a medical employee in the case of external employment

required for both studies

copy of your passport

residency permit or similar (if applicable and required)

portrait picture


mind please In the country list you will find information on authentication and eligibility certification.

Only complete applications for admission will be processed. The form "concept of the doctoral thesis" (Dissertationskonzept) must be completely filled out electronically, stamped, dated and signed. Furthermore, the documents must be submitted in German or English translation with the required authentications.

In addition to the application forms completely filled-in and completely signed by all required individuals, the following documents have to be submitted:

  • High school leaving certificate
  • degree certificates of completed studies (BSc, MSc, diploma studies)
  • Applicants with a non-EEA* citizenship submit an "eligibility certification" issued by a registrar´s office of a state-approved university in the country/state where the diploma/master has been issued indicating that the applicant fulfills the requirements for starting PhD studies in the country/state where the diploma/master has been issued. The "eligibility certification" needs a current date of issuing!
  • Instead of the above-mentioned "eligibility certification" there may also be submitted a diploma supplement (stating the fulfillment of the compliance with the  requirements for starting PhD studies) issued by the university which awarded the diploma.
  • colour photo (passport size)
  • CV
  • photocopy of passport

Authentication of documents

Please see a LIST OF COUNTRIES in order to find out what authentications are needed and whether an eligibility certification is required!

Sort of authentications:

Full authentication:
Documents are authenticated by the Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and finally by the Austrian mission (Austrian Embassy) in the country of issue.

Documents issued in countries having joined the Hague convention of October 5th 1961 (BGBl.Nr. 27/1968), just need authentication by means of "Apostille" by the respective domestic authorities. Associated states

Documents not issued in German or English are to be translated into German or English prior to the requested authentications.

Documents issued in Mongolia and the People's Republic of China are to be authenticated need a full authentication. Additionally documents are to be authenticated at the Austrian Academic Inspection Authority (APS). For further information please contact:

Austrian Academic Inspection Authority (APS)

P: +43 8610-6590-7138
F: +43 8610-6590-7140

Landmark Tower 2, Büro 0311
8 North Dongsanhuan Road
Chaoyang District
100004 Beijing 

Documents issued in Hongkong and in Macao need "Apostille". An additional authentication by APS is not needed.

Students Union contribution (ÖH-Beitrag)/Study fee

The Students Union contribution must be paid for each enrolled semester. The tuition fee depends on a valid residence title on the one hand, and on the duration of studies on the other hand (tuition fee obligation from the 9th semester onwards).

Information about leave of absence can be found here.

The application for admission may take place at any time.
The enrolment to studies, however, is just possible within the enrolment periods.

Please submit the application for admission at least 10 days in prior to the deadlines of the enrolment periods. Otherwise the enrolment in the current semester cannot be guaranteed.


If you have any questions about the admission process or need help, please send us an email at or call us at (+43 1) 40160-21029 or 40160-21030. Thank you very much!