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Thesis supervisor

Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science N790

Finding an adequate thesis supervisor is essential in order to be able to apply for admission to studies and furthermore to be guided towards a successful graduation.

The acceptance of a thesis supervisor is required

Applicants for Doctoral Studies themselves have to take care for their relevant doctoral thesis supervisor prior to the application for admission to the studies.

Please see contact data of thesis supervisors to be selected on the web site of each thematic UN790 programme.
Please first try to select one thematic programme that can be assigned to your scientific backround and purpose.

It is recommended to contact possible supervisors per email in English language introducing oneself in a nutshell informing about the scientific background and purpose and attaching a CV.
In case the supervisor is interested in your application please try to fix up a personal meeting (resp. a meeting e.g. per "skype").

A research project raised by the UN790 thesis supervisor is mandatory the doctoral thesis is assigned to.
UN790 supervisors shall employ their doctorands clinically resp. scientifically (in case there is not any employment at the university yet).

In case there is a supervisor not yet listed within the thematic UN790 programme selected, the supervisor might contact the relevant programme coordinator in order to apply for his/her admission to the thematic programme.

Supervisors are allowed to select applicants and are not forced to accept anyone.

Please consider that an application for admission to the doctoral studies without the acceptance of an appropriate supervisor is not possible.